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How Women Corporate Directors Succeed
by Elizabeth Ghaffari

Press Room

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For a list of earlier presentations by Elizabeth Ghaffari, click HERE.


April 7, 2015
The Cunningham Option: Elizabeth Ghaffari's article is posted on the NACD Directorship page. A new and creative approach to increasing the pipeline of talent available to the boardroom.

See also, the Cunningham Option in Jeffrey Cunningham's Blog..


See the news regarding Elizabeth Ghaffari's third book: Tapping the Wisdom that Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women.
See the news regarding Elizabeth Ghaffari's second book: Women Leaders at Work: Untold Tales of Women Achieving their Ambitions.


Nov. 21, 2013
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Elizabeth Ghaffari is interviewed by Hillary Gadsby at StilettoGal.
Jun. 2, 2013
Elizabeth Ghaffari, Julia Dilts and Mike Miller of Maverick Angels and Pam MacDonald of Pam Mac D's Gluten Free Markets were interviewed by Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire on Unifinished Business - KPWB-980 Business Radio.
Feb. 6, 2013

Elizabeth Ghaffari was interviewed by Dr. Don Saracco of Think Business Radio.


Jul. 11, 2012

Elizabeth Ghaffari's virtual web presentation for Women in the Boardroom: discussing her book, Women Leaders at Work: Untold Tales of Women Achieving Their Ambitions.

May 18, 2012

Elizabeth Ghaffari's virtual web presentation for Women in the Boardroom: discussing the "advanced topics" -- what women need to know to get into the boardroom:

Jun. 30, 2011

Elizabeth Ghaffari's presentation to the Long Beach Women's Business Council: "We've Come A Long Way! - Based on her extensive research and interviews with women in leadership in many sectors of our economy, including women at top corporate roles, Elizabeth's presentation reminisces on how, in fact, women today can say -- "We've come a long way!"

Jun. 1, 2011

ACG101 Corporate Governance Conference -- Elizabeth Ghaffari presented highlights from her research at an event hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth-101 Corridor (Westlake Village) discussing a number of key topics ACG101 Corporate Business Conference

Supplemental information for the session:

  • Articles:

  • DateLinkTitle
    Oct. 4, 2011 Elizabeth Ghaffari was invited to provide an early blog posting to the GMI 3D blog (Director Diversity DataSource by Shauna Morrison, DataSource Manager.
    Mar. 12, 2011
    Directors & Boards: "A Sixteen Year Trend - Women Named to Boards"   ChampionBoards.com research
    "A superb analysis. A quite thorough job of numbers crunching and trends divining. ... my initial reading is that you have contributed an important data compendium and accompanying analysis to the understanding of recruitment trends for women board members. Well done." --- James Kristie, Editor & Assoc. Publisher, Directors & Boards
    Mar. 7, 2011 "Why So Few Women on Boards?"  NACD Directorship Blog
    Jan. 26, 2011 "Contraction of U.S. Companies Blurs Women Director 'Magic Number'" - Elizabeth Ghaffari is Guest Contributor in Gary Larkin’s Governance Center Blog (The Conference Board)
    Oct. 14, 2010 "Survey: Quotas, Mandates Not Answer to Close Gender Gap on Boards," Outstanding cited in Gary Larkin’s Governance Center Blog (The Conference Board)
    Oct. 16, 2010 "There are no guarantees" - Outstanding excerpted in Directors & Boards Third Quarter Issue released at the NACD Annual Conference (October 16–19, 2010) in Washington, D.C.
    June 16, 2010 "Boardroom Assault"  NACD Directorship Blog
    May 18, 2010

    "Proxy Analysis Shows Diversity of Diversity - Part 1"  
    "Proxy Analysis Shows Diversity of Diversity - Part 2"  NACD Directorship Blog

    Apr. 2, 2010 "Finally, Global Data On Women Directors"  NACD Directorship Blog
    Aug. 2009 "Diversity and Disclosure: How Far?"  Directors & Boards e-Briefing
    April 2007
    "How Women Directors Succeed" from THE CORPORATE BOARD Vol. XXVIII, No. 163
    Nov. 1, 2007 "Will the Next Female Director Be You?" by Selena Maranjian of The Motley Fool
    Dec. 5, 2005  "Explaining Gender Gap" in The Los Angeles Business Journal
    2005 Cited in "An Empirical Analysis of the Technology Camel"
    by Wallace A. Wood and Suhong Li of Bryant University
    in Issues in Information Systems Volume VI, No. 2, 2005 pp. 154-160
    Sep. 2008

    Information Systems Management in Practice, Barbara C. McNurlin,
    Ralph H. Sprague, Jr. and Tung Bui (eds.) (Prentice-Hall, 8th ed.: Sept. 2008)
    Contributor: "The Internet Mindset," pp 334 – 338, and "The Technology Camel," pp 341 – 347, Prentice-Hall Inc.: 1993 1st and subsequent editions.

    “Elizabeth – On behalf of Ralph and myself – thank you for letting me use the Internet article in our text. I think it was a wonderful addition Thank you so much for your forward-thinking contribution to this book. -- Barbara"

  • News releases:

  • DateLinkTitle
    Nov. 2011 Now in Over 168 Libraries Worldwide!
    May 5, 2010 Outstanding cited by NataliePace.com
    Mar. 16, 2010  PINK Magazine's Little Pink Book.
    Jan. 28, 2010 From San Mateo to Western Australia: Outstanding in their Field
    Jan. 25, 2010 Outstanding Now Available on Kindle
    July 23, 2009 Foster Pepper PLLC Press Release:
    Making News -- Foster Pepper’s Judy Runstad Featured in New Book
    "Outstanding in Their Field"
    July 22, 2009 Los Angeles Book Launch Party
       Championed by UCLA Executive Education
       Director Training & Certification Program
    June 17, 2009 Praeger/ABC-Clio Press Release
    May 22, 2009 New Book Charts New Paths Taken by Women Corporate Directors

  • Media:

  • DateLinkTitle
    Jul. 26, 2010 Book Club Questions for Outstanding in Their Field at: ABC-Clio blog
    Jul. 20, 2010 Rachel Neal of ABC-Clio interviews Elizabeth Ghaffari about writing Outstanding in Their Field at: ABC-Clio blog
    Apr. 23, 2010
    Radio interview with Tom Cox on Leadership blog.thomasbcox.com
    Play or Download .mp3 interview
    Apr. 15, 2010 "UCLA alumna Elizabeth Ghaffari to share life experiences at
    Women in Leadership Event"
    by Sarah Ravani, UCLA Daily Bruin
    Jul. 22, 2009 Presentation/Q&A video clips
    Jul. 22, 2009 Book Launch Party video (3 min.)
    Jan. 5, 2007 Elizabeth Ghaffari interviewed by Frances Anderton, Los Angeles radio producer
    and host, concerning the career paths chosen by women on corporate boards.
    [Audio: MP3 10 minutes]

  • Book reviews:

  • DateLinkTitle

    Outstanding available from Greenlight bookstore


    Outstanding available from The Nile (Australia) bookstore

    Jun 17, 2010

    Outstanding selected as one of 20 Summer Power Reads: Books for Business Women by In Your Shoes created by Johnston & Murphy

    May 24, 2010

    Outstanding now a recommended resource for Women in the Boardroom's 15 city tour highlighting women corporate directors and governance experts in panels across the country.

    May 2010 American University Magazine May 2010 issue (p. 43)

    In her trailblazing book, Outstanding in Their Field: How Women Corporate Directors Succeed (Praeger: 2009), Elizabeth Peterson Ghaffari, CAS/BA '68, identifies the steps women can take to join the corporate board room. In the book, 15 female directors describe the various paths they followed to gain a seat at the table. Corporations are searching for qualified women to serve on their boards, Ghaffari highlights how to position yourself to be recruited."

    Fall 2009  Women Executive Leadership (WEL) Book Club recommendation, Fall 2009 Newsletter

    "'Outstanding in Their Field', a new book by Elizabeth Ghaffari, CEO of Technology Place Inc., takes a look at how women get to the Boardroom. Elizabeth examined the women who have been appointed to corporate boards in California, interviewing several and giving us the lessons she learned from these outstanding executives. Whether their background was corporate, government or in the non-profit world, their hard work, courage, and ability to face challenges make them stand out in the crowd. As I read the book, I was extremely impressed with their achievements. Elizabeth has given us a roadmap to the Boardroom. Having highlighted corporate board appointments of women for several years now, I believe the road to the Boardroom should not be the one less travelled, but should be the one we pave with our experience, expertise and education."

    Fall 2009 UCLA Anderson ASSETS Magazine Fall '09 issue (p. 49)
    Nov. 27, 2009 Northfield Mt. Hermon Magazine Winter '09 issue (p. 42)
    Oct. 13, 2009 Amazon.com 5-star reviews!
    Oct. 2009  Washington State Bar Association: Around the State -INTER ALIA
    Sep. 30, 2009  LAI Author hits the newsstands: Lambda Alpha International KeyNotes
    Sep. 24, 2009 Ghaffari guest speaker at Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club
    Fall 2009 Wheaton College Quarterly Fall 2009 (p. 13)
    Aug. 2009  Reference & Research Book News book review
    Aug. 2009  EuroSpan Bookstore
    Aug. 2009  Book News Inc. - SciTech books
    Jul. 2009 The Free Library book review
    Jul. 2009 The Book Territory - Women in Business
    Jul. 29, 2009 NewsOnWomen.com review

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