At Champion Boards, we challenge you to think differently about YOUR career and YOUR business and the role that a great boards of directors or circle of advisors might have for your future.

Itís about YOU. Our goal is to help you understand governance: to see the opportunities and the power of small groups focused on growing your business to its full potential.

Women Leaders at Work: Untold Tales of Women Achieving their Ambitions, a new book by Elizabeth Ghaffari from Apress Publishing (December 2011). Frank and interesting conversations with eighteen women leaders in business, government, academia, science, medicine, law, and nonprofit entities.  . . .

This is Elizabeth Ghaffari's second book on the topic of women of achievement. For information about her first book, Outstanding in their Field: How Women Corporate Directors Succeed (ABC-Clio/Praeger: June 2009), click


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At Champion Boards, our research is focused on what DOES work: Where and how women ARE getting on boards? What economic sectors? What geographic areas? What size boards? How are the women and the boards doing it? What are the qualifications of the women - their experience? their professional credentials?

See our acclaimed research on 19 years of Directors & Boards magazine data.
"A superb analysis. A quite thorough job of numbers crunching and trends divining. ... my initial reading is that you have contributed an important data compendium and accompanying analysis to the understanding of recruitment trends for women board members. Well done."
James Kristie, Editor & Assoc. Publisher, Directors & Boards

Also, see our research on Los Angeles and Orange County Business Journal "top firms."

Champion Boards tracks the data and documents the real story about how many women are being added to boards, who are today's women in leadership, what are their true competencies and capabilities as directors, what are the trends we can believe and what are the reilable sources of objective information.

We understand that you're looking at whether you could be a leader, working among other excellent professionals, perhaps on a board or in an advisory role.

Women who actually SERVE on public corporate boards of directors have been telling us for years what it takes to reach that unique level of leadership. What are the lessons we could learn from them?

When you're serious about preparing yourself for a future board role, you need Champion Boards to find your true path to leadership.

When you're serious about your entrepreneurial idea becoming a successful, profitable enterprise, consider tapping the expertise of experience: Champion Boards.

It's about YOUR career, YOUR business. Through our unique circle consulting services, we collaborate with entrepreneurs who want to build their own advisors as a critical circle of expertise to foster strategic planning and promote business growth.

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Does your organization seek a speaker for its programs? Elizabeth Ghaffari is an authority on the subject of women on boards of directors at top U.S. corporations. She is a dynamic, energetic and entertaining speaker who will challenge you and your audience. Her message is refreshing, hopeful, realistic, and most of all optimistic: we CAN build better boards -- inclusive boards -- that collaborate effectively and chart new paths to a productive future for corporations and for entrepreneurs. For examples of presentations, see:

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(Praeger/ABC-CLIO: June 2009) profiles 15 women corporate directors who tell their own stories about career-building and how they earned a seat among the top company boards of directors in California. Each director profile describes -- in the voice of the woman herself -- how she became a productive, respected member of a corporate in today's more challenging and highly-regulated environment.

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