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Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women

by Elizabeth Ghaffari




“In her book, Elizabeth simplifies the process of finding mentors by illuminating events and people in everyday life. Great advice for those starting out on careers and in life.”

-- Kay Koplovitz, Chair of Springboard Enterprises and Koplovitz & Co.

“Elizabeth Ghaffari's new book provides an exciting challenge for women—for women who mentor and women who are mentored. The latter rarely are the focus. Elizabeth brings a new and interesting dimension to the study.”

-- Frances R. Hesselbein, President and CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, formerly The Peter Drucker Leadership Institute.

"Mentorship from a historical perspective helps us to understand and define a more contemporary approach that younger, less experienced women must employ to gain entry to the elite leadership positions. Elizabeth does an excellent job of entertaining and informing that can add the extra boost needed for more women to excel. This book is a must read for both women and men."

-- Larry Taylor, Ph.D., Chairman, The Creighton Group, inc; Board Member, The National Association of Corporate Director (SoCal)

"Elizabeth Ghaffari expands our understanding of mentorship, and in the process provides a cradle-to-grave spectrum of opportunities from which women can learn. As a member of academia who has struggled in the silos of specialization, I was delighted to read about individuals who reached across boundaries to share, inspire, and pave pathways for other women. In story after story Ghaffari illustrates that wisdom need not be dispersed or consumed only in the classroom, the boardroom, or on the first tee. Guides and guideposts already are mapped into our daily lives."

"My lesson learned from Tapping the Wisdom that Surrounds You -— explore places, spaces, and people then redefine your understanding of mentorship, whether as a mentor or a mentee.

-- Dian M. Gottlob, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, The University of Iowa.

"Elizabeth Ghaffari once again elevates the research to a new level and summarizes lessons learned in a brilliant way with real life stories that are interesting and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt inspired to reflect on lessons from my own life. As Ghaffari illustrates on every page, there are opportunities everywhere to teach and to learn from one another – at home, school, play, work, media and politics. As Ghaffari points out, sometimes mentees learn how NOT to behave by observing negative and unsuccessful behaviors. Educable moments are boundless, and it is up to us to ensure we are Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You for ourselves and others around us."

"Ghaffari’s book is one of those special books that you can open on any page and find a lesson for yourself or for others in your life. I strongly endorse this book and plan to encourage both men and women to read it, whether they are a parent, teacher, coach, relative, executive, or neighbor. Every man and woman is a mentor whether on purpose or by default. Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women is an important book for mentors and mentees of all ages."

-- Susan A. Murphy, Ph.D., President, Business Consultants Group, and co-author of In the Company of Women

"I enjoyed reading Tapping the Wisdom because it caused me to reflect on how many of my own mentors were really role models. Some of them I never knew, but I had read about their lives. One example, in particular, was Jessie Benton Fremont, whose biography was told in Irving Stone’s book, Immortal Wife. Jessie Fremont was the daughter of Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton and the wife of military officer, explorer and politician, John C. Frémont. She was a political wife who met a lot of challenges with courage and guts. I remember thinking, “If she can be that strong, then I can be that strong.”

"Elizabeth’s book encourages us to be aware of the people we admire and why -- what is it, specifically, that you admire about them? Their common sense? Their wisdom? Their integrity? How can you acquire the traits you admire in others?"

"Certainly, my involvement with COSMOS (the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science) and the Intel Science Talent Search allowed me to be a role model for young women in STEM fields. But, the young women to whom I feel the closest are those who have sought me out as a mentor and friend, and who I’m privileged to connect with regularly."

"Elizabeth’s book touches on many diverse and interesting stories about both mentors and mentees or protégés. It should be a “must-read” for young women and men who are seeking guidance in their lives."

-- Gayle Edlund Wilson, former First Lady of California and Education Advocate

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