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Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women

by Elizabeth Ghaffari




  • Preface:
    • The Ancient Story of Mentor
    • Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You
  • Chapter 1: At Home: 12 stories about mentors from family
  • Chapter 2: At School: 11 stories from experiences in or from school settings
  • Chapter 3: At Play: 10 stories with sports as a theme
  • Chapter 4: At Work: 20 stories about women in business, including prominent examples you may or may not know
  • Chapter 5: In the Media: 10 stories in published works or about the media itself
  • Chapter 6: In Politics: 9 stories about women political change agents
  • Chapter 7: In Memoriam: 9 stories about mentors who are no longer with us and their lessons
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion:
    • The Lessons of Mentor
    • The Modern Mentor and Protégé Relationship