Is there a Board in Your Future?

  • Is it time -- in your entrpreneurial business -- to build a board to implement your strategic vision?
  • Is it time -- in your professional career -- to refine your board-level governance credentials?
  • Is it time -- in your corporate role -- to understand how well your board represents your long-term interests?

Why Might YOU Consider Being on A Board?

First, board service is financially rewarding. Board compensation can range from a retainer of a few thousand dollars up to $30,000 or $50,000 or signifantly more. There are retainers for membership on one of the critical three board committees (audit, compensation, or governance/nominations). There are additional retainers for chair of one of the committees. Top level board compensation can equal thousands of dollars -- before calculating the value of shareholdings.

As attractive as that is (and as it should be), money is NOT the primary reason that good professionals serve on boards of directors.

More importantly, board service is THE opportunity to BE A LEADER and to BE AMONG other excellent leaders. It is the opportunity to contribute to the strategic success of a business. It is the chance to grow a business UP to its greatest potential.

If you are a woman who is approaching the top of your game -- the best of your business experience -- then THIS is the time for you to consider the next fifteen to twenty years and how being part of a board could provide you with the professional and experiential satisfaction that you need to say to yourself,

    "There, I DID the very best I could possibly do."

Third, being on a board provides you with one of the most enlightening and satisfying professional learning experiences that you could ever encounter. Classes and symposia on the subject of corporate governance are NOTHING compared to the synergy and the mind-opening experience of testing yourself in a strategic business setting:

  • Challenging management to do more and better,
  • Being challenged yourself to think through business problems,
  • Being part of a process that makes it possible for a business to grow out of its old markets into new opportunities.
    "There is nothing like it."

Women have educated themselves and prepared themselves to take on ever increasing challenges and responsibilities within the corporate world. And, so, now

    It is TIME for WOMEN to take their place at that table -- that boardroom table -- and to provide the leadership INSIDE the top levels of our public corporations.

If you believe there's a board in your future, then Champion Boards should be at your side, today. Talk to us. Let's make it happen, together.

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